Phantom Slayer

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Phantom Slayer
Title screen
Developer Ken Kalish
Company Med Systems
Publisher Microdeal
Platform Dragon 32 or Dragon 64
Genre Action
Gamemode 1P
Language Language:english

A unique first person shooter for the Dragon. Your mission is to enter a maze populated by phantoms and kill them with your laser gun before they get to you. Your only aids are a phantom detector that emits a sound if phantoms are within a certain range and a teleporter somewhere in the maze. You have a first person's view of the maze and move around looking for phantoms.

Ken Kalish has managed to make Phantom Slayer a true scary game. When the phantom detector goes off and starts emitting its unnerving sound, you quickly find yourself looking over your shoulder and around corners in a frenzy trying to spot the approaching phantoms before they get too close...


Game action


The packaging exists in two different designs.

Cassette cover Cassette cover, older design

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