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In May 1984 Eurohard is created with the intention of making Dragon computers for Spain and Latin America in Caceres, and with its headquarters in Madrid. Shortly after Dragon Data Ltd went into receivership. The consortium led by GEC did not reach agreement with Tandy and in August 1984 the Spanish company Eurohard acquired Dragon Data Ltd. Eurohard used the INI and SOFIEX (state societies) and private capital to fund the purchase.

Eurohard moved all production, machinery and management from Wales to Spain to be operational in November of 1984. Eurohard continued to manufacture the Dragon 32, Dragon 64, and finally sold the Dragon 200 and Dragon 200E.

Eurohard aquired several prototypes from Dragon Data Ltd named Project Alpha and Project Beta. Eurohard also began development of an MSX computer, an idea that Dragon Data Ltd had also begun, but the micro was never marketed. The Dragon MSX was made by Radofin and apparently a few hundred units were built, but never sold. Rumour states that when Eurohard finally closed its doors employees were given a Dragon MSX as payment instead of wages.

The Dragon 200 is internally identical to the Dragon 64 but it has a larger housing than the original model which allows you to place a monitor on the top. The Dragon 200E included a small board with a new character rom containing lowercase letters, accents and assorted symbols. These machines were produced, however, very few units were made because soon after production started the headquarters were closed and Eurohard proceeded to liquidate the stock.

Due to poor sales of these models, Eurohard lacked the money to expand production for export to Latin America, and competition from other brands closed the headquarters in Madrid on October 1985 and in Barcelona in March 1986. Finally, in early 1987, the factory also closed Eurohard Caceres and ceases its activities as a company.


Eurohard also distributed Dragon Data titles in Spain, translating them into spanish or at least with spanish manuals.