Dragon 200

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Dragon 100

Mentioned several times in Dragon User the Dragon 100 was a Spanish market only machine, probably based on the Dragon 32. Nobody has been able to confirm if these ever existed.

The Dragon 100 is also mentioned in the Dragon 200 Reference Manual (Dragón 200 : Manual de referencia), on page 13. It says that the Dragon 200 memory map 0 configuration is identical to that of the Dragon 100.

Dragon 200

The Dragon 200 is functionally and technically the same as a Dragon 64. The differences between the two are purely cosmetic with the new owners (Eurohard SA) changing the branding and look of the Dragon. The Dragon 200 was very successful in Spain and was introduced to many educational channels.

The Software Pack that came with the computer contained the following titles:

Dragon 200E

This machine was a version of the Dragon 200 (thus, of the Dragon 64) for the spanish market.

The popular belief was that it had an 80-column display card and may have been similar in specification to the Compusense Dragon Plus add-on, but it has a piggyback board that sits on the 6847 VDG socket and contains said VDG and a new character rom. Scans of the boards are available here.

The character rom changes the inverse video characters for lowercase, spanish characters such as ñ, ü and ç, and other symbols and accents.

The piggyback board also has a jumper to allow the character set to be seen in standard or inverse video.

A reproduction version of this board has been created by DragonPlus Electronics.

Dragon 300

Several mentions in Dragon User but no evidence that it even got to prototype stage - This was supposed to be something similar to the Dragon Alpha/Professional which Eurohard had decided not to continue with and instead concentrated on a Dragon MSX machine.