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Dragon Data Ltd Factory

Dragon Data Ltd was a Welsh producer of home computers during the early 1980s. These computers, the Dragon 32 and Dragon 64, strongly resembled the Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer ("CoCo")—both followed a standard Motorola datasheet configuration for the three key components (CPU, SAM and VDG). The machines came in both 32KB and (later) 64KB versions.

The history of Dragon Data Ltd in the period 1982–84 was a chequered one. The company was originally set up by a Toy Company called Mettoy, and after initial good sales looked to have a bright future. At its high point it entered negotiations with Tano to form a North American branch. Mettoy then suffered financial difficulties, casting a shadow on the future of Dragon Data Ltd before it was spun off as a separate company. However, a number of circumstances (the delay in introducing the 64K model, poor colour support with a maximum of 4 colours displayable in "graphics mode" and only 2 colours in the highest 256 x 192 pixel mode, the late introduction of the external disk unit and of the supporting OS-9 based software) caused the company to lose market share.

To combat this, under the control of GEC, Dragon Data Ltd worked on the next generation of Dragon computers - the Project Alpha (or Dragon Professional) and Project Beta. These systems only made it to the prototype stage before the business went into receivership and was sold on to the Spanish startup Eurohard SA in 1984. Unfortunately Eurohard also suffered financial problems and went into receivership a couple of years later.

In addition to the Dragon 32 and Dragon 64, an MSX-compatible machine, the Dragon MSX reached the prototype stage.

History / Timeline

To see a full history of how Dragon Data Ltd came to be, look at timeline below:

1912 - 1933 Tipp & Co. (TCO)

1933 - 1983 Mettoy

1982 - 1984 Dragon Data Ltd

Software - Cartridge

All Dream

A2000 Shop Demo



Bridge Master (Plus Cassette)

Cave Hunter


Cosmic Invaders

Doodle Bug

Ghost Attack



Rail Runner

Starship Chameleon

Super Dragon Writer II

Software - Tapes

Adventure Trilogy

All Dream


Beyond The Cimeeon Moon

Black Sanctum

Black Sanctum (Graphical)

Bloc Head


Calixto Island

Calixto Island (Graphical)

Children From Space

Cimeeon Moon

Circus Adventure


Cosmic Clones


Dragon Birthday Special

Dragon Forth

Dragon Mountain

Dragon Selection 1

Dragon Selection 2

Dragon Selection 3

Dragon Selection 4

Dragon Selection 5



Editor Assembler

El Bandito

El Diablero

Eno / Stalag

Examples From The Manual

Face Maker

Fembots' Revenge

Final Countdown




Galax Attax

Graphic Animator

Hide & Seek


Junior's Revenge

Let's Count

Lunar Rover Patrol

Madness & The Minotaur

Mansion of Doom

Middle Kingdom / Breakout

Monsters and Magic


Music Box

Nerble Force

Number Chaser

Number Gulper

Number Puzzler

Personal Finance

Pixel Editor

Poseidon Adventure



School Maze

Sea Quest


Shape Up

Shark Treasure



Space Trek


Storm Arrows

Synther 7

Table Adventures

Tee Off

The Gruneberg Linkword Language System - French

The Gruneberg Linkword Language System - German

The Gruneberg Linkword Language System - Italian

The Gruneberg Linkword Language System - Spanish


Typing Tutor


Whirlybird Run

Words, Words, Words

Software - OS-9

OS-9 Basic 09

OS-9 C Compiler

OS-9 Cash & VAT

OS-9 Dynacalc

OS-9 Editor Assembler

OS-9 System

OS-9 Programmers Manual

OS-9 Pascal

OS-9 Record Management System

OS-9 Stock Recording

OS-9 Stylograph