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Pictures of Dragon power source boards to help with identification.


Pippin PowerBoard PCB Top.jpgPippin PowerBoard PCB Bottom.jpg

Dragon 32

Issue 3 (P/N 47190, 250x85mm) :
DragonDataLtd Iss3 PCB Top.jpgDragonDataLtd Iss3 PCB Bottom.jpg

Issue 4 (P/N 48256, 250x85mm) :
Psu iss4 d32 comp.jpgPsu iss4 d32 sold.jpg

Secam PSU (P/N 41504,250x85mm) :
Dragon32 PSU PN41504 PCB Top.jpgDragon32 PSU PN41504 PCB Bottom.jpg

Dragon 64

Issue 4 (P/N 48256, 250x85mm) :
The green cable and open track on the solder side seem to be an official fix, as other 64's have it too and it's consistent with the schematics. Maybe a Dragon 32 to Dragon 64 upgrade?
DragonDataLtd Iss4 48256 PCB Top.jpgDragonDataLtd Iss4 48256 PCB Bottom.jpg

Dragon Tano

Issue 2 NTSC (P/N 48434-2, 254x85mm) :
Including detail shot of the modulator.
DragonDataLtd NTSC Iss2 48434-2 PCB Top.jpgDragonDataLtd NTSC Iss2 48434-2 PCB Bottom.jpgDragonDataLtd NTSC Iss2 48434-2 Modulator.jpg
DragonDataLtd NTSC Iss2 48434-2 PCB Top Alt.jpgDragonDataLtd NTSC Iss2 48434-2 PCB Bottom Alt.jpg


Type CT (UK Dragon 32 with Serial No. 019193 DG)

Type PL53
DragonDataLtd PL53 Transformer Top.jpgDragonDataLtd PL53 Transformer Bottom.jpg

Square, type CT
DragonDataLtd CT Transformer Top.jpgDragonDataLtd CT Transformer Bottom.jpgD32-ct-psu.jpg

Type TD64-1 (Dragon Tano)