Program Pack 1

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Program Pack 1
Developer {{{Developer}}}
Company Microdeal
Publisher Microdeal
Release 1982
Platform Dragon 32 or Dragon 64
Genre Compilation
Gamemode 1P or 2P
Operation Icon tastatur.pngIcon joystick 1.pngIcon joystick 2.png
Media Icon Cassette.png
Language Language:english

A compilation of Basic games.

The games are:

  • Alphabetizer (CLOAD"ALPHA")
  • Calorie Counter (CLOAD"CALCOUNT")
  • Driveway (CLOAD"DRIVEWAY")
  • Flag Capture (CLOAD"FLAGCAP")
  • Jack-O-Lantern (CLOAD"JACKOLAN")
  • Mind Boggler (CLOAD"MIND BOG")
  • Sound Repeat (CLOAD"SOUNDS")
  • Tank Battle (CLOAD"TANK")
  • Terrestrial Adventure (CLOAD"MD ADVEN")


ProgramPack1 Screenshot01.pngProgramPack1 Screenshot02.pngProgramPack1 Screenshot03.png
ProgramPack1 Screenshot04.pngProgramPack1 Screenshot05.pngProgramPack1 Screenshot06.png
ProgramPack1 Screenshot07.pngProgramPack1 Screenshot08.pngProgramPack1 Screenshot09.png


ProgramPack1 Inlay.jpg
ProgramPack1 Tape.jpg