Dragon Lab-Cartridge version 1.0 (Rolo)

From The Dragon Archive


This is the Dragon laboratory cartridge version 1.0 for Dragon 32, Dragon 64 and Tandy Color Computer. It is a solid platform for experiments with the cartridge port and for small hardware development projects.


The size of the PCB (including edge connector) is 8 cm x 10 cm.
The boards provide an easy access to all 40 expansion port pins. Small circuits can be soldered directly onto the board. Connections can be realized with the help of short wires. There are pads for many purposes on the board like:

- integrated circuits (up to DIL-40, narrow and wide),
- switches,
- jumpers,
- a display,
- resistors/capacitors...,
- pad arrays (2/3/4/5/6 pads),
- +5VDC and GND

The connections are also printed on both sides of the board with white colour to make them easy to see. Two screws (M3) and two spacers (20 mm) can be mounted as stabilizing feet.