Found new tapes of the Video Dragon Magazine !!

Looking for a Dragon or CoCo game not already in the archive - Then request it here and hopefully it will either be uploaded to the archive or another member can upload it to this forum.
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Found new tapes of the Video Dragon Magazine !!

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Hi. The first thing is to apologize for using a Spanish translator to English to go to this forum.
I introduce myself, I am a longtime user of Dragon computers.
For quite some time now, thanks to a user of this forum (robcfg), he encouraged me to preserve my tapes from the Spanish magazine Dragon User.
With a lot of effort and with his help it was possible to preserve many numbers, but I do not know if there are more :-(

Keep investigating!.

A few days ago another user and to my surprise, he sent me some photos with tapes of the Spanish magazine Video Dragon that have not been preserved. Numbers 8, 9 , 10, 11, 12

I hope that these next days I will be able to work with those tapes and be able to save them from their loss forever.

Thank you !
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Re: Found new tapes of the Video Dragon Magazine !!

Post by robcfg »

Welcome to the Archive!

I'd like to say that Drachco is a great guy, and already helped us a lot preserving the Dragon Software tapes.

So I'm supper happy having him here!

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