Dragon 32 Power draw.....

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Dragon 32 Power draw.....

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Posted this on the FB group but adding it here also as it may be useful....

Hi all,

Some power draw measurements done on a Dragon 32 Board.

Board 1, 16x4116 memory
+12V draws 165mA
+5V draws approx 660mA
-5V draws approx 40mA

Board 2, 8x4164 memory
+12V draws 0mA unless a cartridge uses it.**
+5 draws approx 800mA
-5 draws approx 30mA

**Not completely true, cassette relay is also on 12V line that is as yet untested.

Board 2 drew an additional 300mA with RGB board, and Serial board (with onboard ESP32 dongle).

Adding a DragonMMC into the mix drew an extra 80mA.

Muse I wonder if a power solution (for a 64K upgraded D32 at least) would be a decent +5V regulator and an inverter that would provide -5V at approx 50-100mA
Add to that a decent 12V buck-boost and you could run a 16K machine.


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