Disassembler by Pam D'Arcy

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Disassembler by Pam D'Arcy

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Here is a disassembler by Pam D'Arcy from Dragon User Magazine 26 https://archive.org/stream/dragon-user- ... 3/mode/2up
It's in machine code. I've added the print dump modification featured in issue 29 of the magazine: https://archive.org/stream/dragon-user- ... 5/mode/1up
Although set up to run from 12001, it is position independent. The article talks about its user friendly display features.

To load in Xroar:
- CTRL-SHIFT-L the .cas file (the file name is "DISASSM")
Q - enter memory start
K - print screen / mark page
Up arrow - return to page where last address entered
Left arrow - return to marked page
any other key - page down one screen

Printing - I find this works well with Xroar. The disassembler's K control only sends one screen at a time. The output file simply grows sequentially.
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