Dragon Game and Utilites Menu for Xroar, DragonMMC and CoCoSDC

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Dragon Game and Utilites Menu for Xroar, DragonMMC and CoCoSDC

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The zip files contain the image files and the menu VDK - D32MENU.VDK for games and UTILMENU.VDK for utilites.
There are 421 games and 97 utilites from the archive.
The image contain the BASIC file used to make the database so that it could be edited, though changing the number of files involves changing one or more variables in the code.
Adventure games are labelled (A).
The menu is best run from DRIVE 2 so that it is still available after using DRIVE 1 for the loaded image.
The menu will work in Xroar as is. However Xroar does not have the BASIC tokens for the DragonMMC and CoCoSDC commands to load an image so on those platforms instructions are given to edit one line of code to add the commands - remember to SAVE. The images should then be loaded to DRIVE 1 automatically.
In Xroar instructions are given to load a named image to DRIVE 1 and CHAIN or LOAD+EXEC a named file.
For utilites the name of the company producing the software is also shown on this screen.
The menu must be in the same folder as the images.

This is essentially the same menu I produced for the CoCo but with a dragon image database and files.

(2.16 MiB) Downloaded 31 times
(3.94 MiB) Downloaded 36 times
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