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Re: something new (quiz)

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tormod wrote:I admit you have to be far into OS-9/NitrOS-9 to spot anything new in that boot screen. Here is the banner page.
Hi Tormod,
This is very interesting indeed. NitrOS-9 Level II running on a simple Dragon32, but there is a part of the equation that escapes to
my knowledge. What does MOOH mean?
I hope it is a memory expansion, but I just remember your +32 and SPInx, is there a new one coming?
I think that the NitrOS-9 LII v3.3.0 is only offered for the CoCo3 on this web
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Taking the Dragon to new levels :-p

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Yes, this is Level-2 running on a Dragon, to my knowledge for the first time since Bob Hall in 1989 piggy-backed extra 64K on his Dragon 64 and made his own MMU. And probably the first time on a Dragon 32 :) The MOOH board is the successor to the Spinx-512.

Here is the PMAP command, showing running processes and which RAM block is mapped into which 8KB CPU segment:
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Running the C compiler on the Dragon, how cool is that :D
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Re: something new (quiz)

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Amazing achievement
OS9 Level2 for the Dragon. This is my childhood dream come true.
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