Nitr-OS9 vs OS-9

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Re: Nitr-OS9 vs OS-9

Post by tormod »

If you start using gdb on it, you might find these macros useful: ... ts/os9.gdb
The most useful macro "os9_mwhere" requires source listings to be useful though. Which brings up a question:

Has anyone done any serious disassembly on Dragon OS-9?
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Re: Nitr-OS9 vs OS-9

Post by KenH »

I did manage to create a hybrid OS9/NOS9 with drivewire support a few years ago

I used it to port deskmate to the Dragon but you can probably modify it as you need.
See my post here:
to convert it to the Dragon, I have created a hybrid OS9 build, which has the NitrOS9 DW kernel along with the Tandy OS9 bootfile and additonal Drivewire drivers.
Some of modules are based on Luis's CF image of OS9 for SuperIDE.
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Re: Nitr-OS9 vs OS-9

Post by bluearcus »

Cheers Ken, will have a look. I imagine DeskMate requires a fair chunk of free memory!
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