XRoar tape reading updates

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XRoar tape reading updates

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Just in http://www.6809.org.uk/tmp/xroar/ for now...

Trying to do rewrites of some samples of newly-acquired tapes (thanks, johnha), I noticed something on one of them: a really faint echo after each block as though the program had been recorded onto the tape twice (so, Galagon - wow, that is a slow loader...), and it was causing massive issues as XRoar amplifies any zero crossing, so it thought it was real data.

So only several decades late, I've added some hysteresis to the audio file tape input approximately equal to how the comparators in real Dragons are configured - and it made a massive difference.

So if there are tape samples you've been having trouble with, maybe give this version a shot? The default is 1% of full scale, but theres a -tape-hysteresis option to set it to other values.
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