Adventure/RPG game on disk

Looking for a Dragon or CoCo game not already in the archive - Then request it here and hopefully it will either be uploaded to the archive or another member can upload it to this forum.
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Adventure/RPG game on disk

Post by brankomer »

Hello to everybody,

I remember that when I had my Dragon 32, I played a rpg/adventure game which was on several floppy disks, but I cant remember the name of the game. I was playing it in France. Does anyone have a slight idea of the game? I think there was not a lot of games on multiple disks.

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Re: Adventure/RPG game on disk

Post by robcfg »

Hi, and welcome to the Dragon Archive!

I cannot remember any game on several disks. Do you remember if the game was in french? We are lacking information on titles that are not english or spanish, but we do know that there should be french, german and maybe finnish Dragon software (as there are books and machines labelled on these countries).

We have several french members that may be able to help if you can remember anything else about the game.

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Re: Adventure/RPG game on disk

Post by sixxie »

I think NDUG's Rally came on two disks, didn't it?

Edit: huh, seems to be under Pulser in the archive... memory fail :)
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Re: Adventure/RPG game on disk

Post by snarkhunter »

Hello, and welcome!

If that game was in French, then it's likely it was either "Graal Quest" or its sequel, "Creator Quest".
I intended to create an English translation (both games play in French), but never actually found enough time to do so.

These games are D&D-inspired: First, you have to generate a character, then you go on some quests to improve your skill and wealth levels, etc.

If I haven't done so already, I may and will gladly provide ".vdk" copies of my own disks.
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