Music software for the dragon?

Looking for a Dragon or CoCo game not already in the archive - Then request it here and hopefully it will either be uploaded to the archive or another member can upload it to this forum.
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Re: Music software for the dragon?

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sixxie wrote: Is the manual for a different version? It talks about menu options that don't seem to exist... And trying to adjust the "play shift" after loading one of the examples, it's not clear how you select specific channels to apply it to.
I don't know if the extra menu items appear on the demo tunes, but they do appear after you start entering your own tune. The "play shift" feature steps through all the channels that exist one by one.

The Music Maker manual that Pere uploaded seems to be consistent with my own. Though - *funny story* - to find out I had to suffer minor burns while steaming the pages of my manual apart because the ink had turned into glue over the years and stuck the pages together.

If you're comfortable with assembly language, check out sixxie's CyD on github It's a proper music engine. (It may not be the most up to date version as I seem to have picked up one that generates arpeggios, but can't remember where it came from)
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Re: Music software for the dragon?

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Auto-arpeggiation on the Dragon?!

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Re: Music software for the dragon?

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Starship/Cartwright also released Composer Companion that adds a graphical interface to Microdeal's Composer.

I see the archive also has DAMS - Dragon Advanced Music System. This is the tool Chris Jolly wrote the music for Fire Force and Super Kid with, and then released it for sale. I plan to scan and upload the manual for this soon. He also advertised a drum machine program before DAMS (in the Dragon User classifieds I think I saw it), which I presume turned into DAMS.
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