Dragon 64 ROM download wrong...

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Dragon 64 ROM download wrong...

Post by jedie »

The Dragon ROM files was moved and the Dragon 64 ROMs seems to be wrong. Dragon 32 ROM files are fine.

The old download location was: Now all ROM files are here: http://archive.worldofdragon.org/archiv ... 0Firmware/

The IC18 zip contains the IC17 rom file!

I added here my backup ZIP files with SHA1 hash.
Can somebody correct this?
SHA1: bf86bfa57a4cf2a8bec23457b4b6a41d8cc7d597
(13.52 KiB) Downloaded 837 times
SHA1: b3e734af642d9bb6f4338352b4347764dab24383
(13.85 KiB) Downloaded 832 times
... too many ideas and too little time ... Related stuff written in Python:
Dragon 32 emulator / PyDC - Python Dragon 32 converter: https://github.com/jedie/DragonPy
DWLOAD server / Dragon-Lib and other stuff: https://github.com/6809
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Re: Dragon 64 ROM download wrong...

Post by admin »

Will be fixed on the next update
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Re: Dragon 64 ROM download wrong...

Post by bluearcus »

There's more than one version of the D64 rom as well, we discovered...
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