Remodelled Downloads section issues

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Remodelled Downloads section issues

Post by Serenarian »

I'm not complaining (at least not much) but I find the new structure of the downloads section much less useful than the previous archive.
As an example, I was preparing some notes about speech synthesis for robcfg and wanted to refer to Computavoice (Voice32).
I think that program was in the original in the archive - but can I find it now?
I appreciate that the move from a flat file system to a tree structure is tidier
But the new arrangement of software within parent folders for each publisher stops me from doing a global search.
I must know the publisher first in order to open the folder to search. Maybe I'm mistaken.

Also I find that links from older topics in the forum that pointed to files in the archive no longer work because they point into the archive that doesn't exist. This must be frustrating for new users looking for help
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Re: Remodelled Downloads section issues

Post by robcfg »

On my side, I can change the links on the wiki pages to the right folder on the downloads section once they are final, but I too think that having lost the ability to perform a global search is not good and that would be the single feature I'd like to have back.

I even got a custom search engine shortcut on chrome that pointed to the search function...
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