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retrocant wrote: Sun Jul 25, 2021 8:16 am Greetings, my name is Alfredo and people in Spain know me better as retrocant.
I have been in the retro world for more than 4 years and they have a good collection of 8, 16 and 32 bit microcomputer equipment.
Already in the 90's I knew the dragon computer through computer science books and now I currently have several dragon computers (dragon 32 and 64) and a tandy coco 2 (64k ram), I have already done enough tests with it and they really seem very interesting computers and more with its OS-9 operating system, which I have been working with for many years with the Linux environment and community, but it really attracts me much more such computers with OS9, apart from the operating system, I have also carried out many tests with Drivewire4 and PyDrive .

In peripherals I also have, CoCo-SDC and floppy drive controller, very interesting project and very essential to be able to work with these computers.

Now I have in mind to make a pcb to be able to work in RGB mode with Dragon computers, and I hope to have help and support in this forum.
Welcome to the Archive! ;)
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