Could the Dragon use CoCo banked cartridges?

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Re: Could the Dragon use CoCo banked cartridges?

Post by jmk » Sat Jan 14, 2017 4:02 am

sixxie wrote:Would be pretty easy to implement a "proper" banked cart if you can point to a spec...
Here's the CoCoFlash spec: CoCoFlash

You don't need to implement all of that though, just the offset register at $FF40-$FF5F (software usually uses $FF40). From the emulation perspective, the banks are 16K and bank 0 is in position upon startup.

Note: having read through the CoCoFlash document in detail, it does look like it supports rather more elaborate banking, including 32K banks via another banking method! In fact I wonder how it would work with the original CoCo 3 cartridge banking without clashing? :o

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