Save DRM files as BIN files

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Save DRM files as BIN files

Post by pser1 » Wed Jun 11, 2014 6:39 pm

Sometimes I work with the Dragon64 and finish with a big DRM source.
I use DskDream, but I don't know how to pass this kind of files (.DRM) right to the PC.
If I only could save them as binary files, then with a CSAVEM to Audacity, next to XRoar could be a solution.
I took a look to the DskDream memory map and finished with this trick:

Once the source file has been loaded in DskDream, I quit the program and then
- CSAVEM"FileName",PEEK(&H5CF9)*256+PEEK(&H5CFA),&H5D00,&H5D00 to Audacity

To use it in XRoar I do:
- Load but NOT execute DskDream
- CLOADM"Filename" after having prepared the WAV recorded with Audacity (Ctrl + L)
- finally execute DskDream (EXEC&H5E00) and answer Y to the Old Data question.

If anyone knows of another way to solve this problem, you are welcome to share it with us.
thanks beforehand

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