Dragon character map...

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Dragon character map...

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jedie wrote:The area $0400-05ff (Default Text screen) doesn't use ASCII. Where can i find a "translation" table for it?
In http://archive.worldofdragon.org/archiv ... mputer.pdf is a table with CHR$ <-> POKE code.

I used this information and a small BASIC program:

Code: Select all

10 CLS
20 FOR I = 0 TO 255:
30 POKE 1024+(I*2),I
50 I$ = INKEY$:IF I$="" THEN 50
to create this:

Then i collected all information into one Python script: https://gist.github.com/jedie/6975555

Then i implement a function to create a Wiki-Table with the information and so i created the Wiki page http://archive.worldofdragon.org/index. ... le=CharMap
... too many ideas and too little time ... Related stuff written in Python:
Dragon 32 emulator / PyDC - Python Dragon 32 converter: https://github.com/jedie/DragonPy
DWLOAD server / Dragon-Lib and other stuff: https://github.com/6809
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