AGD converted games: BigPacks v2.0 (OBSOLETE)

Use this forum to submit new files for the download section of the archive. I will check each submission and upload it to the archive on a regular basis.
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AGD converted games: BigPacks v2.0 (OBSOLETE)

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Ciaran has detected some flaws to 5 games:
- Kyd Cadet 3
- The 3 Jane Kelly
- Vectornauts
And .mad. had found that Flype wasn't working properly.
I am uploading here these six games updated to v2.0 in small zips for each machine.

To keep everything at just one place, I am going to delete the BigPacks with long and short names because I am attaching them here
So just one point to download what you'd like
Kees van Oss & Pere Serrat

EDIT: 2019-04-20 - Attachments deleted. You will find a more up to date version in a more recent post!

BIGPACKS with LONG names

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Re: AGD converted games: BigPacks v2.0

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Thanks Pere & Kees. 8-)
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