Duplidisk 2 to Disk

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Duplidisk 2 to Disk

Post by Alastair » Wed Oct 21, 2015 11:42 pm

Here are a couple of programs that copy Duplidisk 2 to disk, there is a version for Delta DOS and another for Dragon (and compatible) DOS. A copy of Duplidisk 2 is not included but can be found in the Dragon archive; there are no Duplidisk 2 wave files as yet so use your favourite method to create whichever version you need from the .cas files.

Full instructions for using the transfer programs are in the article titled 'Duplidisk Update' by Graham Smith in Dragon User, September 1988, p. 21. Abridged instructions and content descriptions are included in the zipped file.

I have tested the two wave files on a real Dragon, they both load fine and when executed give the expected response upon loading their respective versions of Duplicas 2. However I do not possess a Dragon disk drive and so cannot fully test the programs on actual hardware. That said, the programs work without problem on XRoar so I do not foresee why there should be any problems on real hardware.
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