Tube Way Army

Use this forum to submit new files for the download section of the archive. I will check each submission and upload it to the archive on a regular basis.
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Tube Way Army

Post by sixxie » Mon Aug 25, 2014 10:36 pm

Edit: The reconstructed WAV timings now target the custom loader.

I've long been annoyed at my own loss of this tape (some time during moving, presumably), and the lack of a good copy in the archive (unless something has happened recently, the version here omits the loading screen, and fails to play the "game over" sample). Today, Simon Jonassen stepped up and sampled his copy, and I've used that to create the following.

Reconstruction of original

The original has a custom loader with its own BITIN routine and a slightly modified block structure. This is (I believe!) an accurate recreation in CAS and WAV form. Be careful not to rely on XRoar's autorun, the :EXEC it types will stop it working properly.

Faster loading version

The custom loader means that XRoar can't speed things up with ROM intercepts, so I've created this version using the features of bin2cas. It's dzipped and the WAV version uses fast cycles, so loading time when playing out to a real Dragon is much reduced. Nothing about the final game is changed, but it's definitely not "original".

Many thanks to Simon J for the sample! Now all we need is a good inlay scan...

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