Various Dragon Games

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Various Dragon Games

Postby Alastair » Fri Aug 20, 2010 8:28 pm

Below is a zip file containing images of the following programs:

Backgammon - Oasis Software

Chess v21 - J. Morrison (Micros) Ltd.

Colossal Cave - Cowen Software Ltd.

(Rescue from) Death's Head Hole - Peaksoft - Includes a small bug fix (the addition of the line and statement 3400 END) .

Dominoes - Oasis Software

Donkey King (aka The King) - Microdeal - Includes all three versions that appear on each side of the tape (on the tape the versions appear in the order of "Donkey1", "Donkey2", then "Donkey3").

Dragonchess - Oasis Software

Drone Datatank - Cable Software Ltd. - Does not include the audio (T.R.O.F.F.) on side two.

Dragon Trek - Salamander Software

Dungeon Raid - Microdeal

El Diablero - Dragon Data Ltd.

Everest - Salamander Software

Fishy Business (Dan Diamond Trilogy - Part 3) - Salamander Software

Football Manager - Addictive Games Ltd.

Golf - Salamander Software

Invader Cube (aka 3D OXO) - Oasis Software - This version does not work on a Dragon 64.

Lionheart - Peaksoft

Madness and the Minotaur - Dragon Data Ltd. - This version contains bugs, do any bug-free Dragon versions exist?

Mansion Adventure 1 - Microdeal

Morbid Mansion - Blaby Computer Games

The Mystery of the Java Star - Shards Software

North Sea Oil - Shards Software

Othello - Oasis Software

Perseus & Andromeda (Mysterious Adventure No. 9) - Channel 8 Software

Pettigrews Diary - Shards Software

Pimania - Automata Ltd. - Does not include the audio on side B. This is an older version of Pimania that does not give you the option of avoiding the double speed poke, instead you have to manually edit lines before running the game. I did have the line numbers written down but I currently don't know the location of this information.

Tim Love's Cricket - Peaksoft - This version does not work on a Dragon 64.

Total Eclipse v1.3 - Fenmar Ltd. trading as Eclipse Computer Games - Earlier versions are known to be bugged (this is not a guarantee that this version is bug free). Also includes the Universe 2 data file which appears on side 2 of the tape. (On side 1 of the tape "TEclipse" is followed by "TE_Uni1".)

Waxworks (Mysterious Adventure No. 11) - Channel 8 Software

Wings of War - Salamander Software

Zotoka - Preston Computer Games - (On the tape the instructions appear on side A, the game on side B.)

Associated with each program is a text file giving various details about each program, including the program's title, loading instructions, and which artifact mode to use in an emulator (if any).

All, with the exception of Wings of War, were created with an old version of DC.exe that stripped out the leaders, so these images have received FIXCAS treatment. Wings of War was created with a version of DC.exe that does not strip out the leaders, and therefore has not had FIXCAS applied. All have been tested with XRoar. (The use of DOS programs to create the images also explains the shortened filenames, which I left unaltered as I was using T3 - the DOS based Dragon emulator - at the time I created the images.)

I have not included the three Mountains of Ket games due to the protection scheme they employ. Both Steve and Ciaran have supplied versions that do not produce the (non-critical) errors that this scheme produces in emulators, see viewtopic.php?f=4&t=201&start=0

Neither have I included the three Exploring Adventures on the Dragon games (Castlemaze, Tunnel, and Underground) because the image of Underground Adventure is not a true image of what is on the tape. Instead, it is an image of a bug fixed Underground Adventure (with rather more fixes than that of Death's Head Hole). I intend to create a true image of Underground and will upload it with the other Exploring Adventures games. Should I also include the bug fixed version with this upload?

I also need to check on the precise layout of the program and data files on the tape for Trivial Crosswords by Quickbeam Software.
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Re: Various Dragon Games

Postby Alastair » Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:11 pm

One more game, I have still to create a new image of Underground Adventure (see above).

Trivial Crosswords - Quickbeam Software - (On Side A of the tape appear "TrvCross.cas" then "TrvBlocA.cas", on Side B is "TrvBlocB.cas". "TrvBlock.cas" does not appear on the tape, it is formed by adding together "TrvBlocA.cas" and "TrvBlocB.cas" and I created it because with some emulators it is more convenient to have all the data blocks together rather than in two separate files.)
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Re: Various Dragon Games

Postby Alastair » Wed Oct 06, 2010 11:18 pm

And finally here's "Exploring Adventures on the Dragon". I decided to create new CAS images of Castlemaze, Tunnel, and Underground with the help of XRoar Tapehack so when converted they should work on a real Dragon. I have not included a bug fixed version of Underground Adventure, the bug does not prevent you from completing the game but it does allow you to ignore some puzzles. Given that these games were designed to help readers of the companion book learn how to program adventure games in BASIC fixing Underground may be considered as an extra challenge.

Exploring Adventures on the Dragon - Ducksoft - (On each side of the tape the order is "ExpAdv_C.cas", "ExpAdv_T.cas", then "ExpAdv_U.cas".)
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