Some Joysticks for my Dragon

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Re: Some Joysticks for my Dragon

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Maybe if when the bits arrived, if I post a picture of the board, somebody could indicate by marking the picture where I should place the bits?
Maybe we could do it a step at a time?

I feel about 60% confident that I can do it on my own. The main problem is that although I am quite handy, I don't really know how to read those electronic diagrams and convert it into a real life circuit board. The pictures and you tube videos are helpful, but to an amateur like me there isn't quite enough clarity of detail.

If anybody could help in this way, that would be great. It would be a bit like a distance learning course! It could also prove to be a very useful "How To" resource guide to anybody else that isn't that great with electronics. I have no doubt that this is a simple project, that with guidance, I will achieve a working adapter.
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