New DOS Carts developed

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New DOS Carts developed

Post by Stig »

Hi all,

Zaxon has developed some new Dragon floppy disk controllers ! If you are unfamiliar with Zaxon, he is very well known in the Spectrum scene and has even developed an entire new spectrum from scratch !

A few people, including myself, managed to talk him in to making a controller for the Dragon and he has delivered. From concept to retail in under a month !

One of the nicest features that he has included is a 4 bank, selectable ROM, so you can have 4 different versions of DDOS (or others)

I have ordered mine already and though I would share.

Please note that I am not affiliated with Zaxon, so any questions should be directed to him directly

Another note is that his english is not great but it's understandable

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Re: New DOS Carts developed

Post by tormod »

Thanks for sharing. There have been some similar controllers from Lafumat and Jose Leandro, but I don't know if they are still available, so this is great news.

This has been an exciting week for Dragon fans :) Maybe some of this could go under the archive front page "What's New" header?
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Re: New DOS Carts developed

Post by Stig »

My pleasure ! I have one of Lafumats controllers which I bought a couple of years ago but he no longer seems to be making them.

This new one is most welcome and with the added feature of the selectable ddos roms, I am glad to give one a home.

I will report back with a review of the controller once I receive it

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Re: New DOS Carts developed

Post by Vato »

Now if someone with 3D CAD skills could design some cases to all these new nice cartridges, and put them up on Shapeways.......
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Re: New DOS Carts developed

Post by pser1 »

In the maltedmedia CoCo group, there is a member with the name of John Strong that builds cases for the CoCo-SDC
Hopefully he could make this for us, but he will need the exact board measures (or better a real board) and there should be
a minimum number of orders, I think ...

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Re: New DOS Carts developed

Post by tjewell »

Here's a cartridge John made me for my Coco-SDC. Fits perfectly in the Dragon!
coco-sdc.jpg (123.68 KiB) Viewed 5440 times
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