DriveWire adapters and DWLOAD EPROMS

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DriveWire adapters and DWLOAD EPROMS

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Complete DriveWire/DWLOAD kit
Complete DriveWire/DWLOAD kit
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In combination with my plain DriveWire adapters, Deluxe adapters, or uDW I can bundle DWLOAD-enabled EPROMs. The EPROMs are 10 USD each.

The EPROM fits directly in a Dragon 64 without any socket adapter. For the Dragon 32, a 28-pin EPROM to 24-pin ROM socket adapter is needed. I have a stock of such adapters, they are also 10 USD each.

I also have chip pullers. They can help to get the old ROM out without damage. I sell them for only 3 USD, since I bought a handful of them at a good price.

Note that the same EPROM has both the Dragon 32 and Dragon 64 versions. When fitted in a Dragon 64 the right version gets selected. On the Dragon 32, the socket adapter is configured to select the correct version.

These items don't add anything to the DriveWire adapter shipping rates. For those who already have an adapter and only need EPROM/socket, count 4 USD shipping.

Please send enquiries and orders to:
My "biz" e-mail address
My "biz" e-mail address
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Re: DriveWire adapters and DWLOAD EPROMS

Post by jedie »


What's about Tano Dragon?

EDIT: Helpful Link to Informations about DWLOAD -> viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4964 :D
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Re: DriveWire adapters and DWLOAD EPROMS

Post by KenH »

jedie wrote:Great!

What's about Tano Dragon?
The same EPROM will work just fine also on the Tano Dragon.
The Tano Dragon ROM is identical to the Dragon 64 and is also socketed and not soldered.
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