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Dragon 32 Project Leader

Post by IanBell »

Hello. I just joined this group and I thought I should introduce myself. My name is Ian Thompson-Bell and I was the project leader for the design of the original Dragon 32 at PA Technology. It is good to see there is still so much interest in the Dragon so many years later. If you have any question about the development please feel free to ask.


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Re: Dragon 32 Project Leader

Post by robcfg »

Hi Ian, welcome to the Dragon Archive!

I feel that the Dragon had a lot to offer but didn't have the chance back in the days.

For me it's a great machine for learning, as everything is easy to do and the 6809 is a great processor.

It would be nice if you remember some anecdotes of the development of the Dragon, and if you still have any documentation that is nowhere to be found, we can help you preserve it so the Dragon can claim its place in history.

Best regards,
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Re: Dragon 32 Project Leader

Post by linville »


I'm one of the hosts of The CoCo Crew Podcast (http://cococrew.org/). While our name suggests a heavy slant toward Tandy and the Color Computer, we definitely count the Dragon as part of the family. We would be happy to have more Dragon-oriented content on the show!

I wonder if you would be interested in recording an audio interview with the CoCo Crew hosts?

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Re: Dragon 32 Project Leader

Post by admin »


Nice to hear from you again - we were in contact some years ago over email. You were going to see if you had any notebooks/notes in your archives from your time working on the various projects for Dragon Data.

Would love to hear anything at all that adds some detail to the history we already have.

Simon Hardy
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Re: Dragon 32 Project Leader

Post by Bosco »

Hi Ian and welcome. :)

It would be cool to hear a first-hand account of how the Dragon came to fruition from the point where Mettoy approached PA Technology.

The Dragon is a great computer (IMO) but was largely overlooked by the burgeoning but also dominant games development industry of its day.

With the enviable 6809 processor the Dragon could have been a market leader but it's limited graphics capabilities and lack of a simple sound chip makes me feel the `ship was spoiled for a hap'orth of tar'.

So I'm curious to know what drove the Dragon's design amidst stiff competition from Sinclair, Commodore, Acorn etc.?

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Re: Dragon 32 Project Leader

Post by bluearcus »

Hello Ian and welcome!

If you are on Facebook, you may find some interesting bits and pieces in the Dragon 32/64 Owners/Users Facebook group. It has a fair amount of daily activity.

We now have an annual Dragon meetup too, which has been at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge in previous years and will be again this year. It's expected to be on the 4th and 5th July.

Kind regards,

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Re: Dragon 32 Project Leader

Post by tjewell »

Hi Ian, just spotted your message.

We'd love to have you come to this year's Meetup - here's the details - http://www.computinghistory.org.uk/det/ ... -6th-2020/ - I think you'd be surprised at how active our little community is and what we're doing with this wonderful old machine.

Oh and take a look at this too - http://www.computinghistory.org.uk/det/ ... -6th-2019/ - just for the photos! We think we managed to get every type of Dragon together in one room for the first time, from the Pippin to the MSX.

Hope we'll see you in July,

Tony Jewell

Ps. I'm the organiser of the Meetup, so please feel free to drop me a line here, or at the email address in the pages above, if you have any questions about the event.
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