XRoar and 6309 emulation

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XRoar and 6309 emulation

Post by pser1 » Fri Jun 07, 2019 6:10 pm

Hello Ciaran,
after some tests while converting AGD games, I found out that when my programs enter NATIVE mode when a 6309 is found
then, in case, you exit the game by pressing RESET, the emulation stays in native mode but with the Basic and DOS this is
dangerous because now there are two extra registers and codes like LEAS 12,S need to be modified. DOS fails with a simple DIR.

Using a Dragon64 it always returns to compatibility mode after a reset and IIRC I read about that in some 6309 doc
Could it could be done on XRoar when we select to Reset the machine. Something like LDMD 0 should do the trick


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