Dragon Tangent by Pro-Tech Systems (Geoffrey Barry)

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Dragon Tangent by Pro-Tech Systems (Geoffrey Barry)

Post by dlinsley » Sat Jun 01, 2019 5:29 am

While going through some boxes I found some details about an add-on system called the Tangent that was in development in 1991. I scanned everything I have and added them to the Uploads section: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=6059. I think this must have been mentioned in a late '91 Dragon Update, which is why as 16-17 year old I wrote to the creator asking for the details. Did anyone else do this, or take this further?

"The Tangent computer system can be configured to emulate many other 6809 computers. Systems can range from small single board units for use as stand-alone controllers and so on. on up full development systems or a desk computer such as a modified Dragon 32 or 64.

The system includes the following circuit boards, which are designed to be compatible with many existing peripherals and software.

Backplane 4+1 Slot (for Dragon conversions)
Backplane 5+1 slot, with PU (for rack cases)
CPU 6809 Board (with piggy back socket for IO boards)
Hi-resolution display board
Dual VIA, parallel I/O (for CPU piggy back mounting)
Expansion Memory Board (with piggy back socket)
Adaptor and prototyping board (with piggy back socket)

The above boards plug into the back-planes, including one that fits into a Dragon computer. Both these back-planes have an outwards facing socket which can accept standard Dragon cartridges and interfaces. In addition the piggy-back sockets on the main boards accept further cartridge size boards, this can therefore include such as the disk interface board, leaving the usual external slot for such as an EPROMmer."

See the attachments in the upload thread for more details including the backplane and mounting diagrams.

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