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Project cartridge

Post by Yoruk » Sat Oct 28, 2017 7:28 pm

Hi everybody,

I have a simple work in progress project : re-create a game cartridge. My goal for this project is to understand more how works the memory map works and how two eeprom chips can be used on a single board. :) Also, it's a nice way for me to increase my Eagle designing skills ;)

I am already working on the PCB, and I am planning to 3d-print a game case after drawing a 3D CAD model. I should have all the hardware (UV chips and programmer device) to burn the 4k uvproms.

I just have two questions : First, I don't understand how to deal with the ROM files and the two chips.... How can I split the ROM file and convert it into a HEX ? I just have to manually cut the file in two ?

Other question : I am looking the the exact PCB edge connector part design. I know that the pitch is 2.54, but I'm not sure about the pad width. Didn't know if this design is a standard ? I see that some pads are wider than the other one (the 5v and GND signal) but I was looking for an accurate value.

My design is the 2*4k PCB (I have a physical one, it helps me a lot...)

Thanks !

Pictures soon...!

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