Service manual of the floopy drive

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Service manual of the floopy drive

Post by Yoruk » Wed Dec 21, 2016 6:41 pm

Hi everybody,

I've got some issues with my external floopy single disc drive (powered by the Dragondos cardrige). Everything looks fine (the disc is running and the floopy drive head seems to translate correctly, and the drive sounds nice) but after a couple of seconds I have the "?NR Error" after a simple "DIR" command. I tried to format a disc, same message.

Is there a service manual for the drive ? My drive is a ALPS FDD2124BB1.

Attached is a picture. I think that I may have some problems with the belt, she looks a bit loose. I tried to check the speed with the checker pattern and a 50hz light system, the pattern doesn't "stay in place" :( (I can see it slowly rotating backwards when the drive is runnong). And the speed seems to be not the same with and without a floopy inside.

What do you think ? :|
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