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Re: DWLOAD - DriveWire for everybody

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Thanks Pere, I shall take a look when I get something workable up and running. Hopefully later this week.
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Re: DWLOAD - DriveWire for everybody

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from viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4964&start=50#p12216 :
jedie wrote:So, is the length information in the generated "AUTOLOAD.DWL" is wrong? Or is http://dragon32.info/info/binformt.html wrong and Dragon Dos binary files has a terminator with 2x $00 extra bytes?!? Or, the likely case: I'm wrong :P
Seems that i'm right: The origin "AUTOLOAD.DWL" length is $025c (dez.: 604 Bytes) but if i SAVE the AUTOLOAD file, i get $025a (dez.: 602 Bytes) back.
Because i just stumbled over it again.
I have download "dwload-demo-files.tar.xz.zip" from first post and looked into "AUTOLOAD.DWL"...
The files seems to not be changed. So it has a wrong length or not?!?
... too many ideas and too little time ... Related stuff written in Python:
Dragon 32 emulator / PyDC - Python Dragon 32 converter: https://github.com/jedie/DragonPy
DWLOAD server / Dragon-Lib and other stuff: https://github.com/6809
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Re: DWLOAD - DriveWire for everybody

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jedie, it doesn't matter to the DWLOAD client whatever trailing or padding bytes there is following the "payload". It will read the file based on the headers and ignore the rest. However when using the DW4 server from Aaron all files have to be padded to a multiple of 256 bytes, so I should definitely fix up that AUTOLOAD.DWL in the demo package. Thanks for bringing this to my attention :)

EDIT: The file was already correct (768 bytes) in the demo package. I had of course tested it ;)
EDIT2: Ah, you are talking about the length encoded in the header. Well, there is nothing magic about the AUTOLOAD.DWL, it is just a normal BASIC program. I might have saved the one in the demo package using an early version of the SAVE dweeb, nothing to worry about.
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