Dragons in Movies

A place to discuss everything Dragon related that doesn't fall into the other categories.
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Dragons in Movies

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Well, most other forums has similar thread and why shouldn't we; so let's post captures of scenes from movies that shows our favorit computer. First movie out is the Electric Dreams which I didn't realize had a boxed Dragon 32 in the beginning of the movie which was posted in a thread over at Zuckerberg site. But here goes:

ElectricDreams_Dragon32.jpg (66.53 KiB) Viewed 1004 times
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Re: Dragons in Movies

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Do you know this fine website? http://www.starringthecomputer.com

They do have entries for the CoCo and CoCo2 but not for the Dragon. It would be nice to tell them and give the Dragon its place along with other computers starring on movies :mrgreen:
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