Droids and Cave Hunter

Looking for a Dragon or CoCo game not already in the archive - Then request it here and hopefully it will either be uploaded to the archive or another member can upload it to this forum.
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Shock Trooper
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Droids and Cave Hunter

Post by Shock Trooper » Thu Oct 23, 2014 10:03 am

The Droids (J. morrison micros) front screen appears corrupt? And has joystick buzzing. I think katerpillar 2 and Space Raiders may also have joystick buzzing.

The .cas is not working for Cave Hunter. Can a working .cas or .wav be made of this neat lo res game for Dragon 32, thx.

Also I tried the polaris.wav and it didn't work on my uk dragon 32. Can space assault (tandy) be converted to run on uk
Dragon 32? Thx

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