Sales question?

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Sales question?

Post by admin » Thu Jul 31, 2008 3:07 pm

Just a quick hello to Dragon users.
I have just listed a load of Dragon games on line but want to know if you are happy for me to include the link???

If not then please contact me via PM.

Also I have 2 Dragon 64's (boxed)...I'm keeping one for myself but will be selling the other one at some point.
I also have a disk drive (that's weighs a ton!!!) will cost a lot to post (£15.00+ UK)...but I am open to offers?

I am well known on several forums (Atari, WOS, Lemon64 etc) and a genuine guy!and have donated 1000's of games to WOS and several Atari guys for I'm NOT a greedy money grabbing git!!!.....just looking to clear some bits for my holiday fund ;)

Simon Hardy

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