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Post by AJM »


I've just joined this site, as I have now rediscovered my (or rather my children's) old Dragon 32. For some reason, I have two of these (?), however, one doesn't appear to work (gives a not-complete screen display), the other is fine and I have tried a few games and cartridges using monitor output to a TV. I've also got a disc drive, which I'll try later. Just wondering, though, about all those cassettes, books and dragon user magazines I have also found. I don't really want to keep all of these. So some advice needed: should I simply bin, the books and magazines? and maybe all but a few of the games? These have entertained my grandchildren for a day or so, but I'm sure they'll get fed up soon with the iffy graphics etc. The tape recorder I have is a little temperamental too, but that maybe because its been in my garage for over ten years when we moved into our present house. Not sure what to do with the non-working one too, maybe useful for spares? Although I'm betting there are plenty non-working ones around.

So any help and advice please - I really don't want to clutter my study too much!!

Thanks, Andy.
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Post by robcfg »

Hi Andy, welcome to the Archive!

Glad you’re enjoying your Dragon once again.

Would you be so kind as to list the books and magazines you’d like to get rid of?

We are always looking for anything missing from the Archive.

Also, can I ask you to take pictures of your Dragon’s circuit boards? We still haven’t catalogued them all and we may find what’s the problem with the non-working one.

Best regards,
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Post by Bosco »

Hi Andy and welcome.

As Rob says, definitely list anything you're planning to get rid of. Old reference books etc. are always nice to have on the shelf. :)
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