How the feck to you link a file?

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How the feck to you link a file?

Post by prime »

Hi all,

I'm trying to get the DragonMMC page in order for the imminent release as I want to use it as a central location for the documentation and firmware updates.

However I cannot seem to successfully setup links to files so people can actually download them.

e.g. I have currently uploaded the firmware files "" and am trying to link it to something like :

Firmware : ""

With the initial Firmware: as just text and the bit in quotes as a link to the file which when clicked on downloads the file, but no matter what I try I can't get this to damn well work!


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Re: How the feck to you link a file?

Post by robcfg »

Hi Phill,

You do this with the Media tag;

Code: Select all

Firmware: [[|Firmware 1.00]]
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