Another Newbie/Oldie

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Another Newbie/Oldie

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Hi All,

What a surprise to find this forum and the Dragon Archive. It's amazing what you can find when you Google your own name!!

I had a Dragon 32 from it's early days when the Spectrum, Commodore 64, Tandy CoCO and BBC machines were also in competition.
I guess I really cut my computing teeth on my 32, later upgrading to the 64 and even doing my HNC in computer studies using it!

I won't bore you (yet) with the details but suffice to say I used my machine for a number of years, added quite a few upgrades, ran Flex & OS9 etc., and used it for accessing Bulletin Boards.

My claim to fame is that I wrote several articles for Dragon Update about comms. and it is really good to see most of the newsleters are archived.

I look forward to having a snout around this forum and re-living my youth a bit!!

All the best

(formerly Gary Coxhead but now Gary Lloyd-Coxhead)
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Re: Another Newbie/Oldie

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Welcome to the forum.

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