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[[Tarjeta de Entrada-Salida (Resistor magazine)]] (I/O Card)
[[Tarjeta de Entrada-Salida (Resistor magazine)]] (I/O Card)
== Informations ==
== Information ==
* [[Keyboard]]
* [[Keyboard]]

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Dragon 32 Schematics

Dragon 64 Schematics

Project Alpha / Dragon Professional Schematics

Project Beta / Dragon 128 Schematics

Dragon DOS Schematic

Cumana DOS Schematic

Hardware Pictures

Motherboard Pictures

PSU Pictures

Cartridge PCB Pictures.

Service Sheets

Dragon 32 - Service Information (RWEW/KA/0080a)

Dragon 32 - Service Information (RWEW/KA/0081a)

Dragon 32 - Service Information (RWEW/RA/0082a)

Dragon 32 - CPU and PSU Modifcations and Compatibility


Dragon 32 - 64K Upgrade

Dragon Notebook


Importing images into the Dragon

DIY Projects

Dragon Peripheral Controller (Electrónica Fácil magazine)
Dragon 32 Input/Output Ports (Maplin Projects Book Eight)
Dragon 32 RS232 Modem Interface (Maplin Projects Book Eight)
Programador de EPROM (Resistor magazine)
Tarjeta de Entrada-Salida (Resistor magazine) (I/O Card)



  • MC6809E - Dragon CPU
  • MC6847 - Video Display Generator (VDG)
  • SN74LS783 - Synchronous Address Multiplexor (SAM)