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== Screenshots ==
== Screenshots ==
[[File:Shenanigans-Screen1.jpg|400px|thumb|left|alt Shenanigans, screenshot 1]][[File:Shenanigans-Screen2.jpg|400px|thumb|right|alt Shenanigans, screenshot 2]]
== Packaging ==
== Packaging ==

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Developer Stephen O'Dea and Bob Withers
Company Mark Data Products
Publisher Dragon Data Ltd
Release 1983
Platform Dragon 32 or Dragon 64
Genre Adventure
Gamemode 1P Only
Operation Icon tastatur.png
Media Icon Cassette.png
Language Language:english


Countless legends tell of a magnificent Pot of Gold and enormous wealth hidden by leprechauns at the end of the rainbow. Many have attempted to find the marvellous treasure but success has eluded them and it remains hidden to this day. Because you are a dedicated adventurer, eager to face danger and challenges for great rewards, you have determined to search for that fabled Pot of Gold and succeed where others have failed.


alt Shenanigans, screenshot 1
alt Shenanigans, screenshot 2



File:Dragon Data Ltd - Shenanigans.cas