K3 Fractals

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K3 Fractals
Title image from the game
Developer Robcfg
Release 2013
Platform Dragon 32 or Dragon 64
Genre Homebrew
Gamemode 1P
Operation Icon tastatur.png
Media Icon Cassette.pngIcon disk525.png
Language Language:english

This is a small basic program for rendering beautiful Mandelbrot and Julia fractals. It can render images in PMode 3 (both palettes) or PMode 4 (both palettes or NTSC artifacting), and save them to tape or disk.

Right now, being completely written in Basic, it takes a long time to generate images, but future versions will include several optimizations and probably will have the image generation remade in assembler code for speed.

The program is provided as plain .ASC file, .CAS file and .VDK file for convenience. Newer versions will be made available here.



K3FRAC10 MANDE 3 1 32.pngK3FRAC10 MANDE 4 2 32.pngK3FRAC10 MANDE 4 3 32.png
K3FRAC10 JULIA 3 1 32.pngK3FRAC10 JULIA 4 1 32.pngK3FRAC10 JULIA 4 3 32.png