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Collectors Corner - Or as rare as hens teeth

This is a page dedicated to the truely rare items in the world of dragon. To be classed as rare and be mentioned on this page the items must:

1. Be demonstratably known to exist - No rumours please 2. Be Prototype or limited production/low sale numbers

Rare Hardware

Dragon 16K/Pippin/Project SAM - Evidence based on only 1 example known to exist out of 20 made.

Dragon Professional/Project Alpha - Evidence based on 2 known prototypes, 2 production examples, 1 more unknown and 1 motherboard. - Highest serial number known to date is 000008.

Dragon 128/Project Beta - Evidence of 1 completed prototype and 1 motherboard.

Rare Software

A&F - Deadwood, Swashbuckler -> Quickbeam Tombstone and Cod Creek

Rare Peripherals