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    <allredirects arcontinue="Games_and_Computers" />
      <r ns="0" title="BASIC Tutorial - Advanced Level" />
      <r ns="0" title="BASIC Tutorial - Beginners Level" />
      <r ns="0" title="Boris The Bold" />
      <r ns="0" title="Cassette 50" />
      <r ns="0" title="Compusense Ltd" />
      <r ns="0" title="DragonMMC SDCard" />
      <r ns="0" title="Dragon Data Ltd" />
      <r ns="0" title="Dragon Multi Cartridge version 1.0 (Rolo)" />
      <r ns="0" title="Eurohard SA" />
      <r ns="0" title="Exploring Adventures on the Dragon" />