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      <page pageid="4532" ns="0" title="Red Meanies">
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|{{Infobox Game
|Image = [[Image:RedMeanies_Screenshot01.png|center|300px|Titleimage from the game]]
|Gamenumber = 
|Company = [[Salamander Software]]
|Developer = [[Don Edwards]]
|Publisher = [[Salamander Software]]
|Musician = 
|HVSC = 
|Release = [[:Category:Game_1984|1984]]
|Platform = [[Dragon 32]] or [[Dragon 64]]
|Genre = [[:Category:Arcade|Arcade]]
|Gamemode = [[1P Only]]
|Operation = {{Keyboard}}
|Media = {{Cassette}}
|Language = {{EN}} 
|Info = 

== Reviews ==

== Screenshots ==


== Packaging ==


*Instruction leaflet

== Download ==

*[; Red Meanies] (zipped .CAS file)

[[Category:Games]] [[Category:Game_In_Archive]] [[Category:Game_Online]] [[Category:Arcade]] [[Category:Game_1984]]</rev>
      <page pageid="1338" ns="0" title="Red Rom Data">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">__NOTOC__ 

Red Rom Data

Address as of 1984:&lt;br&gt;
Red Rom Data&lt;br&gt;
72 Lambert Road&lt;br&gt;
Grimsby, Lincs&lt;br&gt;
DN32 0NR&lt;br&gt;

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=== Red Rom Data applications  ===